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How the Farmers Protest in India is Effecting the World

So, I know we are in the midst of the Georgia runoff, and as a citizen of Georgia, trust me, I have not forgotten, but today I want to use my blog to reach beyond my immediate problems. I want to reach past America's immediate problems. I have been organizing all week long, so I assure you

Georgia has been on my mind for much longer than I care to recall, but the climate fight right now is larger than what is going to throw down in Georgia. Don't get me wrong I am in the fight of the century trying to convince every person who will be at least 18 by January 5th to vote, but a part of being a climate hero and fighting for a sustainable future includes caring about the environmental changes all over the earth. So, will you join me today in expanding past Loeffler vs. Warnock and Perdue faces Ossoff into something equally as important?

Being the rock of over 60% of India's population, agriculture and agricultural workers make up a large political constituency, so when the Indian government, under Prime Minister Narendra Modi, passed market-beneficiary policies instead of policies to protect and benefit the farmers, who have already been placed at a disadvantage in this free market, the farmers had figured they had taken enough. The farmers stormed the streets of New Dehli in a classic block to halt all productive activities within the city. They demand equity.

Equity is a term often discussed in conversations surrounding race and racial injustices, but the word is not exclusive to being used in a racial light. It can fit many a glove. In this case, it applies to the markets and the farmers. To describe equity and its uses, the first thing that must be understood is the divide. This divide can form economically, racially, and socially, but the main underlying trend is within all of these situations is there is an unequal divide, a divide that is causing people harm. The only way to ameliorate such divides is to provide the lacking group with equity. Whether it is

representation, funds, education, justice, or a combination of bits and pieces from many different things, it is something they are they are going without, which in turn is causing them harm. So, naturally, the next steps of any public-loving socialist would be to give them what it is they need to be on the same level as everyone. And yes that sounds good, great even, but that is called equality. Equality would be hearing the divide, noticing the divide, but giving every single person the same thing, giving them equal rations, but the problem is that doesn't fix the problem, because the lacking are still at the disadvantage. We can look at this in terms of a simple math equation. It is 2009, we are in kindergarten, I have received 16 gummy worms, while you have received 10. You so rightfully petition to the teacher that I have received an unfair advantage that was not afforded to you as well. She listens, she gives it a look and agrees that I have more. While still having more gummy worms to distribute, she says she will not give you any more because she has her "reasons", such as "it would cost too much of a stir", "other kids will complain", or "it can't be afforded right now" although you can so clearly see that it can. Okay fine. You walk up to me and ask, " Hey, you received 16 gummy worms and I have only gotten 10. Would you mind sharing three gummy worms with me? I can understand how that might seem like a lot of loss, but in reality, we are getting the same amount, 13 gummy worms each." I look at you. I look at your 10 gummy worms, and I say, " At least you got 10. Be satisfied with what you have."

Now, let's take this simple situation and apply it to a much broader context. I, me the holder of 16 gummy worms, am the majority, the white-male, the 1%, everyone and everyone who is the alienator of others. You are the minority, the working-class poor, the youth, or anyone that has a disadvantage in this world. The gummy worms are the distributions of wealth, justice, representation, and social acceptance. The teacher can be anyone who has been put in a place of power. So with that in mind, mix these elements together to create the soufflé of inequity that is gobbled up by many nations around the world. This is a dish we have the power to stop from being eaten, and that is exactly what is being done in India.

The farmers in India have courageously marched the streets of Dehli for four weeks now, marching determined to halt the ratification of laws to deregulate the sale of their crops, which again, would benefit the 1%. Blocking all of the main entries to the city, posters have shut down the city of Dehli and plan to stay there until there has been an equal and fair discussion about their demands. Rallying support from both popular athletes, singers, musicians, and actors.

During this runoff, I have had to draw mental strength from so many different places, such as from music, from history, and from my goals for the future, but repeating these inspirations, while effective at times, can get very redundant. The strike happening in India is exactly has spawned a new fight in me that I had no idea that I had. This new inspiration is what I will be using to carry me through this runoff. I want to thank all of the hard-working protesters in India that have given up their personal security, their jobs, and their friendships in order to demand justice. I want to have the same determination and drive as they do. I want to be as fearless and demanding justice as they are. I want to be heard across a nation just as their voices ring. Every activist wants these things. India, you are an inspiration to every activist populating this earth. Thank you.

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