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Inauguration Day: A Goodbye to the Reign of Trump

Updated: Jan 21, 2021

As Biden and Harris take office today with the House and the Senate under their control, America is witnessing history unfold before their eyes. There has been a shift in American politics. There has been a change in the wave of motion. As the democrats hit the ground to organize and win, something more was happening, something greater than, something larger than the election. We witnessed the power of organization. Elections have always been tilted to split the minority, to discourage the joint forces of organized voting. That did not stop America. The people saw a threat in the previous President of the United States and decided that his time had to come to an end. As if that was not already controversial, there was a triple runoff in Georgia, which the Senate majority and the Public Service Commissioner seat hung in the balance. As an organizer here in Georgia, I can personally tell you that it was intense. There was an exhaustion that hung over all of Georgia, but there was also a tension that was the driving force forward. A little bit like a jump ball in double-overtime. You are tired. You are beaten down. But more than ever you want to win. And whichever way this ball goes has the power to determine the outcome of the game. This jump ball, this game, was won by the democrats wiping away the sweat from their eyes, finding their footing, and jumping for the ball.

This victory, however, was short-lived. The day it was announced Purdue and Loeffler had been defeated by Warnock and Ossoff, the capital was attacked. We reached a new low that day. I do not mention the frenzy of absolute nonsense that followed the results of the Presidental Election because it was not shocking nor surprising "because it's Trump". During Trump's presidency, I heard myself using this phrase quite often. Actually, I think "quite often" is a little too kind. I used this phrase habitually. It numbed me to the horrors unfolding before my eyes. "Because it's Trump" pardoned him from being held accountable for his actions, until January 6th. To think of all the sickening things that have come out of Trump's mouth and administration is a challenge that I do not even want to consider, for I would get so angry and disappointed that I do not think I would be able to complete it. He has layered upon layered statements and changes that have hurt minorities and the lower class all over America. Women, African Americans, LGBTQIA+, Indigenous, Hispanic, Indigenous, Asian, Working- Poor, Homeless, Disabled, Muslim, these are some of the many communities he has damaged with his words and his actions. Most if not all of this was swept under the rug, forgotten about, left in the ashes of his previous fires, but two weeks ago, on January 6th, his actions were truly unbelievable. Inciting violence on America, inspiring hatred to brew amongst his supporters. Wishing ill on the America he vowed to protect four years ago. He showed America his true colors. His colors of hate, pride, white-supremacy, were shown unfiltered to all of America. It was shameful. I felt ashamed. I was embarrassed that our country could so publically detest and attempt to destroy the democracy that made us "great".

I saw a video where a woman mentioned that America had never been great. At least not for people like her. She was a black woman. She continued to say America was built on the backs of her ancestors and ever since people like her had been treated as lesser than, being shamed, being discriminated against, being suppressed, being killed openly in the streets, and being told it's their fault. "Because you look suspicious". Officers is that what you repeat to yourself so you may pacify your own racism? She was right America had never been great. America was white. America did not have powerful people of color reaching heights to make decisions for the nation. The minorities had been pacified, silenced, muted. They would not speak up or go vote because they had been convinced they had no power. This terrorist attack on the capital was a fit. It was a kid in the supermarket crying and wailing because the toy they so desperately wanted was not earned. Trump, you did not earn this election, now you have made a mess all of America wishes to turn from out of embarrassment. Now it is time for you to pick yourself up and leave.

Wow. That was kind of heavy. I feel as if that was my goodbye letter to Trump. I feel as if that is what I needed to let him go. When sitting down and considering what to write in my post I wanted to write about ways we need to hold Biden accountable in office, but I don't think I want to follow what was just let out of my system with anything worth celebrating. This day should be a day of celebration, a day of joy. A day that I am proud to be a citizen of America. I find it absolutely insane that we made it. We worked our butts off for this day, and it is finally here guys. We are on the verge of a Green New Deal and a climate-friendly future. I can feel it. I know on the horizon of these next four years is a presidency of progressive movement, embraced minorities, and social justice, but this is only if we hold those we have elected accountable. We have won half of the fight, now it is about reaping the promises given to us during the election season and not letting up until they are met. We showed up twice, we cannot go away now. People in the streets for Black Lives Matter, we need to hear you again. Women marching for the autonomy of their bodies, band together again. Youth screaming for people to pay attention to the earth, scream louder. We have formed the stage required for you to make your demands a reality, but it is up to you to seize these next four years to make the change. I stated we are in a historic moment of history earlier. Well, I am calling for the next four years to be some of the most historic ever. Seize the opportunity. Create the change you want to see.

Thank you to every organizer, every politician, and every voter who made this possible. This day is only possible due to you. I want to remind all of you to stay safe, especially if you are in the Washington area, or near any state capitol, and I want to encourage you to go about your day with a buddy or at least let someone know where you should be at any given time!! I also want to leave some organizations down below to assist you in these four years of change, if you have anymore bomb organizations to include, please leave them in the comments for people to join! I also want to highlight that many organizations do not have an age, economic, or location limit, so please jump in wherever you feel called to! Happy Inauguration Day!!


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