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Ranking My Recent Hate Comments

Ever since my last post, I have received an overbearing amount of hate on my socials, so in the spirit of my new empowerment spawned forth by the idols: Hester Pryn, Santana Lopez, and Flo Mili, I have decided that I will not reward my attackers with responses to their comments, but rate and critic them. In the midst of confusion over what the h- e- double hockey sticks is going on at school, the heels of a Glee season 4 marathon, and post-bookstore depression, I will decide which comments get the Becky Jackson stamp of approval and which comments were so poorly constructed, I am shocked that someone found the confidence to say such things to me. Chile anyways, I also want to highlight to be kind over the internet. You are never aware of what people are going through on the other side of the screen, and while mental-health awareness is a good 7 months away, I think it is SO important to be aware of mental health issues every month, week, and day of the year. Simply just be kind, it's much easier.

10. This is a poorly written letter. It is full of emotion and insults.

Well *******, let me write you a better one.

Dear *******, I am so sorry that my letter was so emotional, as I robot liberal who loves sucking up to the almighty government, I forgot that my place was to forget all independence and liberty that I own and hand it to my government. Next time I will remember to abandon all self-thought that I have developed in my 40 years as an atheist and vegan. Sometimes in my brain incapable of thinking on its own, I forget that I am not allowed to express any emotions, as this is America and I am a liberal. But, the good news is, since the government practically controls everything that I do, as I am a socialist, I do not have to worry about dealing with writing a letter back; I will simply let the government do what it does best and revoke all liberties to make my life better. I want to thank you for putting me back in the right frame of mind and back in my rightful place. Now please excuse me, I have to go charge my batteries, as my robot- brain is at 10%.

9.Some four or five-paragraph response full of personal insults

" 'lol, I'm not reading that. - teacher guy' - Javier Mina"

8.Do you realize this "letter" was written by a BLACK woman(?)

Uh, I have no idea where to start with this. I honestly find this HILARIOUS.

To give some contextual background, this was a comment on a link to my blog along with its title on r/supremecourt. I do not want to give away this man's account, or any of the people that left hate comments anywhere, but since this was one of the first hate comments I received I went to go stalk this hater account. Let me tell you what I found. So. Much. Fortnite. So, I have concluded that this was left either by man-child or just a child, which is what makes this post ten times more funny. Due to his use of "BLACK woman", even though my blog highlights that I am sixteen years of age multiple times, I find this absolutely fascinating that he felt the need to include that I am not only a woman but also BLACK. To add to this humor this commenter did not have the skills to deduce from my username that I was the true owner and writer behind this blog, but after many hours I think he figured it out because the comment was deleted when I went to go look for it. Hehe yes love, and this BLACK woman meant every word that she typed.

7.Boo hoo. Sick of democrats whining over every single thing.

Have you met me? Obviously not, this is the Internet. I practically carry cheese in my backpack to go along with my whine. As a living example of teenage Lauryn Hill and frequent watcher of Glee diva-offs, I will say something, say it once, and if my demands are not met, you will be hearing from me. I am very sorry that my presence and demands rattled you up so much. To alleviate the traumatizing experience of my words of passion, I recommend a proper and thorough education on feminism, climate change, and gun laws. I hope this helps :))

6.This is pathetic.

Yeah, I agree. Like what even is this appointment. Trump might as well have appointed Chris Brown, so at least it would be a show. Someone cut the cameras, vote Biden.

5.Emotional attacking non sence

Girl. Non sence? Non sence? I can barely type this without Grammarly coming for my throat. Is "non sence "really the word you want to use? This is so embarrassing. bye-

4.Another six-paragraph essay but this time with a link

Again, not reading it. Don't get me wrong I tried, but to get through all of the sentence fragments, the gibberish of misspelled words, and blatant insults of my body, I would need the power of God, the spirit of Christmas, and probably 4 Advils, and I just don't have that in my arsenal right now; I'm sorry. But if you would like to right my Eco- Abstract hit me up because it feels to me you have a lot to say, and limited characters to say it, or not. Twitter, what is going on?

3.Little argument aimed at what a bad person I am

I. LOVED. THIS. ONE. This is the closest to canceled I think I will ever get. AND I LOVED IT. The feeling of two people not being able to choose what type of God-hating-demon-spawn, is a power that I should not be able to possess. Anyways, I have to end this early to find a new way to expose myself. ttyl! I award the Becky seal of approval for both of you; I couldn't have agreed more!

2.You baby murdering libtards should just take this L and go back to the swamps that you came from.

This one would have been #1 if it hadn't been for the word libtard. I don't really enjoy it, but not for it's insult value, but for it's resemblance to the r-slur. But besides that fact, I really enjoy this insult, keep it up. Becky seal of approval for you.

1.If you don't like abortions, stop having sex before marriage

Hello again *******. You know I used to have a pretend crush on a guy named ********, for reasons we shall not get into, but I have a feeling this is some sort of karma coming around. Also want to highlight this pretend crush was not for bullying reasons, but for purely social reasons, not sure which is better. The only reason this comment made number one is its response, which I desperately wanted everyone to read, and let's all be honest when it comes to these lists we all just skip to number one to see the worst one.

And when that approach doesn't work what's the next thing we should try?

WHY Tristinna, if you ever see this let's be friends. I want to be your friend so badly because you took the words that I was unable to say right out of my mouth. 10/10. ONCORE. ONCORE. I am sending you this article directly, so you can get all the fame and glory you deserve. Keep on doing your thing, we all love you!


- No.

- the scum of America

- Liberal

- What about all of those babies(deleted)

- This is Obama

At first, I struggled with the hate because what I wrote felt so close and intimate to me, but I then realized that the reason that this specific post was something personal. When I highlight objective facts with little to no opinion behind them, there is not much to insult, and that precisely is what I have been doing wrong. My blog is supposed to be an outlet for my feelings, emotions, and thoughts to channel into the outside world, and I haven't been holding up to my end of the bargain. So, starting now, there will be a little bit of a more personal and subjective approach to my blog, so it is really me. Plus, if you're not receiving hate, then you're not at your full potential.

ANNOUNCEMENT: sign this petition for my friend's school to prevent open and shameless racism from being tolerated, thanks.

To alleviate some of my hater's embarrassment, I will show one of the most embarrassing moments of 2020. As have to know by now, I am an active and loud member of the Black Lives Matter movement, but this summer I made a horrible error on one of my favorite posters. If you can spot it, I will owe you a sage cookie:))

- not to worry there is always my Ku Klux Karen sign on the back of this one!!

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