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Ranking the Runoff Stances on Climate

Updated: Nov 28, 2020

Congratulations President Biden and Vice President Harris! I am so proud of the efforts made to ensure Trump would not be the president for the next four years, and to everyone that lent a helping hand whether, through voting, phone banking, or counting votes, I want to thank you. This would not have been possible without you all. Saturday was a big win for America. The youth showed up, made their voices known, and turned out the vote. I want to assure you that the real work has just begun. Yes, we got Biden into office and have secured the House of Representatives, but we are 2 seats behind the republicans for the senate. What does that mean? We must turn out the vote once again; it is imperative to the next two years that the house and senate are both blues in order for legislation to be passed. Now, don't get me wrong, a complete lockdown on the executive and legislative branches can be dangerous because it can discourage the idea of checks and balances. Having a mixed bag of red and blue in leadership inspires innovative thinking from both sides, BUT(and this is a huge but) the judicial branch just appointed Amy Coney Barrett which was the biggest stab to my stomach that I have felt in a long time. So, I say Dems, let's take the House and the Senate. I am calling you to turn out the vote for the sake of the next two years of Biden's presidency. We wanted him to listen to us, so let's make it easy for him to enact the legislation that we demand. In my state, Georgia, there is a dual runoff for both seats in the Senate, so today I will be reviewing all four candidate's environmental plans and rating them.

Kelly Loeffler

After a good 45 minutes on Kelly Loeffler's website, I was not able to find anything concerning the environment except a form to fill out to ask her questions, so that is exactly what I did. I sent an email to Senator Loeffler asking her what was her environmental plan if she is elected this January. It is pretty disheartening and concerning that the environment did not get a spot on the issues page of her website, but I will hold my criticisms along with my praise until I am able to actually read her policies. Until then, Kelly Loeffler receives a -/10.

My message to her reads as follows:

Senator Loeffler, I am considering who I am planning to support in this upcoming runoff, and environmental sustainability is something that is very concerning to me. Although this is the first election that I have been active in, it is very important to me that the people elected into the office are people who will ensure America is at it's prime. While viewing your policies and actions I was not able to see any information concerning your environmental plan. If you could update me, so I can make the most informed decision possible, I would be very grateful. Thank you.

John Ossoff

Unlike Mrs. Loeffler, Ossoff has his climate plan easily accessible and highlighted on his page, but after reading it, I had to do some research as to what Ossoff's plan could mean for Georgia. Ossoff presents a very centralized plan with lots of ambiguous actions despite declaring" The scientific consensus is unambiguous". While Ossoff plans to support "a historic infrastructure plan" under historic investment in America's infrastructure, that is the only title given

to any of his actions, but nonetheless, there are actions present. Ossoff's plans include: facilitating clean, efficient energy, environmental protection, re-entering the Paris Climate Accords, leading the negotiation of an ambitious climate treaty, reversing the Trump Administration's rollbacks of clean air and fuel economy standards along with strengthening them, advances in sustainability, strongly enforced treaties to protect oceans, aggressive protection of endangered species, increased fines for spills and contamination, stricter controls on toxic chemicals and aiding farmers and coastal communities. Wow. I know. That is a lot, but I listed all of those to show that Ossoff does have plans for an environmentally friendly future. He has the ideas and the plans; I only wish he would give them a title. Titles are something that I have noticed Ossoff strays away from, as when conducting a little research, I learned he does not endorse the Green New Deal. While I year or two ago this might have been acceptable, I am noticing a pattern in centralist politicians, lack of ambition for climate advocacy. We saw it in the early election this year. President-elect, Joe Biden(it brings me so much joy to say that), had very lax and ambiguous plans on climate change, and the people said " That is not enough", so he changed and took a firmer stance against climate change, so the youth showed up to vote. The youth cares about the earth and will vote for whoever can reflect their concerns in policies. I understand the centralist approach, but I think that placing a name on all of these plans should at least be a minimum. Because, while Ossoff has done his part in forming his stance on climate change, it is not enough. The youth demands a title and a strong leader who will fight relentlessly to reach the youth's climate goals. Overall, I think Ossoff has the ideas and the correct idea, but now he needs the backbone to not only dip his toe in but dive into the deep end of climate reform. With that being said, I will give Ossoff a 7/10.

David Purdue

What does a girl have to do to get a climate plan out here? Once searching Perdue's website for 20 minutes max, I realized I was not going to find any form of a climate plan. Republicans are 0 out of

2. I am genuinely concerned. Where are y'all's plans? So, once again, I rolled up my sleeves and sent an email to Senator Purdue to get to the bottom of this funny business. Again, since there is no plan there to rate the Republican nominee will receive a -/10.

My message to Perdue reads as follows:

Goodmorning Senator Perdue, I was looking at your website to get a gauge of who I should support in this upcoming runoff, but I was unable to find any information in relation to climate change. Environmental sustainability is a problem that is very concerning to me, so I would really love to hear the plan you have before making any decisions. Thank you.

Raphael Warnock

Reverend Warnock, how I cannot sing your praises enough. After these extremely critical process, you are the high note I am delighted to end on. I have no idea where to start. I want to include every single moment of your delicious climate plan in my critic, so I think the only way to make sure the people fully get your amazing policy is to relive every delightful moment in chronological order:

"The flooding and extreme weather we have seen in coastal Georgia and across the South are sobering reminders of how devastating climate change can be in our daily lives, especially in underserved and rural communities. "

This is amazing. This is what Georgians need. We need someone who will prioritize us and the daily problems we must face. Starting off with a high note, Warnock makes it clear that he, as well as every peach loving citizen, has Georgia on his mind. The problems facing Georgia are real and are critical. Since September 2010, counties housing 99 percent of the total Georgia population have been affected by federally-declared weather-related disasters. Warnock sees this. Warnock plans to change this.

"Reverend Warnock has focused on the work of environmental justice throughout his time at Ebenezer Baptist Church, helping organize and lead a public interfaith mass meeting on climate change with the Reverend William Barber II and Vice President Al Gore."

This shows that Warnock truly cares about climate, and his stances are not just due to the office he is trying to fill. He has a base of climate advocacy and is the exact voice we need in Washington to get things done.

"Understanding the disproportionate impacts of climate change on marginalized communities, Reverend Warnock’s view of environmental justice doesn’t just focus on addressing long-term challenges, but everyday problems. That means addressing the lack of access to clean water and air in many impoverished communities and the higher share of income many Black and brown households pay in energy bills, often as a result of limited cost-saving tools like alternative energy sources. He also believes in working toward a clean economy that will create jobs, reduce pollution, and produce a world that our children can inherit."

Wow, wowee. This. Is. Perfect. Can we all just take a moment to recognize he is bringing social movements into the climate? Just a truly enlightened individual. Warnock, this is what the youth has been screaming at the top of our lungs and I don't think you could have hit it on the nose more. I am truly proud of these words. I think I am going to hang them on my wall. No, I mean that. I am making the poster tonight. There is nothing more to say, he has said it all.

"As the global green energy economy develops, Reverend Warnock will work hard to ensure that no working Georgians are left behind in our transition to sustainable energy. And he will push to ensure that those that overwhelmingly bear the brunt of intensifying climate change are prioritized in access to training and education to partake in profits."

This means jobs, jobs, and more jobs. Warnock is in Washington for the average woman or man. He is fighting for a cleaner, renewable jobs, and I don't think he could do a better job. He truly is in it for us and our climate. Warnock is the change in congress that will secure a healthier and sustainable future for many generations to come, but he can only do that once we elect him into office.

Reverend Warnock continues to make outstanding points on climate change and discusses superb ideas, and if I could sing the praises of Warnock's climate plan all day, I would. However, I have realized that Warnock's plans deserve a more in-depth and careful analysis, so I will be dedicating a whole post to Warnock and his policies. Stay tuned for that post. I am so excited to sing Warnock's praises individually. For his outstanding stance on climate, Warnock will receive an 11/10

Hey, I know it's been a while since I've written anything, but my tendency to always speak my mind had gotten me into a bit of a situation that I still am currently dealing with, but I just needed some time to consider what I wanted to do next. Piggybacking off the end of my last post, I still believe that absolutely no one on this earth can threaten or bully me into silence. I am more than willing to write about the circumstance, but I want to wait until the situation has been officially dealt with and has come to an end, but I am back and ready to jolt into action again.

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