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The Youth is the Future of the Climate(Twitch Stream)

Hello my cherished blog viewers, as you can already tell, my blog post schedule has been slightly struggling lately. This is due to the efforts I have poured into the ongoing Senate runoffs. Emerging as a Georgia leader has definitely put a strain on my blog, so I decided that it was time to try something new. I decided that I would try to stream what was on my mind instead of blogging it. This way I have less editing and writing to do than before. I know this is a little weird since I am a blog and value the art of written works, but as all of us know, 2020 is a time to improvise and switch things up. In this stream, I briefly discussed the importance of the youth in the fight for climate legislation, a topic I know all too well as I am a youth organizer in this fight. I hope you can enjoy this change of flow for me, and feel free to leave your thoughts about it on the stream or directly to my inbox through the chatbox on my page



links discussed:

voter calls:

deep (virtual) canvassing:

GA canvassing:

Please take control of the power you hold. No matter your age or background. We need you to ensure our future is a future of clean air and drinkable water. Utilize your power. Utilize your vote.

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