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We Are Calling for Reform in America's Criminal Justice System

Updated: Dec 16, 2020

March 3, May 25, and June 12 are only three separate instances that the criminal justice system has failed people of color in America in 2020 alone, for I would love to list every date, every name, every instance a life of a brother or sister has been taken too early by the cruel country we are demanded to respect as our home. Tell me does your home, your refuge, kill you for looking different? When you visit your childhood home every Thanksgiving, a sham of a holiday which celebrates the colonization of an entire race, do your family member pin you to a wall and call you the "thug"? Brothers and sisters, we are not the thugs, we are the oppressed, the broken, and the sooner we realize this, the sooner we can start to change the system that wants to see us in the dirt so, incredibly, bad. It was again five days ago, December 10, 2020, that another one of my brother's life was cut short by the hand that claims to be a friend of mine. That does not seem to be any friend of mine. A friend of mine does not ignore the hundreds of years of slavery my people suffered. A friend of mine does not discredit the leader who gave me the rights that are allowing me to purge my ideas to the world without having to feel as if there was a target on my back, yet I do. Why do I feel as if there is a target on my back? A person constantly watching, hiding, creeping. Someone who will jump at the opportunity to strike down all independent thought with the force of a racial hatred so strong you would think that I am the anti-Christ. This force, this feeling, this fear is the American justice system in tandem with all microaggressions and people who support it.

Granted, that you live on this earth. I am more than confident that you have heard about the protest that ensued this past summer. While being one of the most horrific things I have witnessed in my life, I think that it will be a beautiful memory in my mind for ages to come. We fought the criminal justice system, the criminal justice system that was not made for us but to hurt us. In the streets, all of us, we demanded a change. A change that has not yet been made. I am calling for all of us to still starve for that change. I know I am. I am so hungry, so deprived for the change to liberate my brothers and sisters from this new age bondage. I know, it's a difficult fight, a fight that seems to have no clear end in sight. Martin Luther King thought it would be by the end of his time. African Americans thought it would be by the end of the Obama presidency. I thought it would be by the time the leaves fell to the ground in September, but it wasn't, so that means the fight continues.

Recently, another brother was killed by the justice system that force-feeds us the idea that it was made for us. Brandon Bernard, a man who was executed at the Federal Correctional Center in

Terre Haute, Indiana at 9:27, December 10th. After killing two youth ministers as an adolescent in 1999, Brandon Benard was sentenced to 21 years in jail and a death sentence. Who gives the people in power the right to sentence a man, woman, adult, or child to death. We have put people in power who believe they have the right to decide who gets to live and who is unworthy to walk to this earth another day. I call them thugs, except they are thugs with an audience. They are thugs. Thugs that people choose to worship, idolize, and follow blindly into the night. The US justice system claims to be a system of reformation. A system to gather all of the "criminals", pen them up, and reform them to be productive members of the greater society. but it is not. The US justice system is a system that accurately rounds up members of black and brown communities, forces them into practically unpaid labor, and then sends them back into the world in a worse condition than when had they entered confinement. It is a forced labor system that is being supported by millions around the country who either do not know any better or do not care because it will not affect them

. Well black and brown brothers and sister, what are we going to do about it? First, we will not EVER accept the death of Brandon Benard as a true and just execution, for there is no such thing. To understand that exactly what Brandon Benard did to another human is what they did to him, is the first step. We cannot accept this hypocracy as a truth, for it is the first step down a slippery slope of giving away our power. We will not forget. We will not let up. It was obvious Brandon Benard was reformed. It was obvious Brandon Benard had grown to a productive member of society, but the Federal Correctional Center in Terre Haute murdered him at 9:27 on December 10, 2020. How many brothers and sisters must fall until their is a fair America for us all? We need to put up arms for the "liberty and justice for all" we pledge in front of our flag; otherwise our words are meaningless and hollow as the cell that once held loving Brandon Benard.

On that note, I want to present another case that was not handled properly. Jaxon Lister who has allegedly raped at least 20 women. Yeah read that again. Now, while these cases have not been proven it's due to the fact that the school and community is dragging their feet to take action. He has not faced trial or arrest. Do these women justice and sign this petition for change. These are the people who need to be brought to justice.

I am thinking about compiling a list of undeserving people waiting on death row. Would there be support to sign it from this blog? I have a chat feature open, so let me know, and I'll make my decision by this weekend.

Also, if you don't know already, I am an organizer in the south for the Sunrise Movement who is also a hub coordinator in Georgia, so with the runoffs and finals, I am kinda in over my head. I am thinking about doing recorded posts in hopes that they will take less time to upload. I have been falling behind on my uploading schedule, and I really want to reach the support I was getting a couple of months ago. Let me know if that is something that you would be interested in seeing. I will try to launch the first one next week, and see how that goes. Thank you guys for all the support you have sent me and Georgia. We all truly appreciate it!!

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